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Our Mission

Our mission at Biotrophics is to commercialize and automate the production of insects as a sustainable protein in animal feed.

We aim to use commercially grown insects as a sustainable replacement for the currently unsustainable sources of protein in animal feeds.

Using biotechnology, our nascent industry will soon provide opportunity in several other sectors, such as pharmaceutical, industrial, and food production.


Our philosophy is to adhere to the highest standard of safety and regulation to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality product with minimal food safety risk. Biotrophics also strives to work in sustainability initiatives that will lower its footprint to carbon negative levels by utilizing and monetizing waste streams, investing and innovating in green technological practices, and sourcing American and local products for its operations.

Meet our Founder


Sam Glickstein

Sam has always had a passion for science and environmental issues. His interests have evolved from beginnings in marine biology, to taking an interest in the effects humanity has on the environment. Hydroponic agriculture was his first true career interest. After having worked as a project assistant on a 20 acre greenhouse development, moving to TX to help run a small hydroponic farming company, and then moving back to MD to start his own operation, Sam's interests evolved into recirculating aquaculture for its ability to raise high quality seafood on land. Seeing as fishmeal was the (unsustainable) main source of protein for raising fish, Sam saw the immense potential for insects not only as a sustainable protein replacement for animals and livestock, but also for humans. 

Biotrophics was born in January 2017 as a solution to sustainably produce high quality protein sources with minimal ecological impact and use insects as a tool for biotech, medicinal, industrial, and chemical industries. 


Biology, 2012

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